How Soft Works

There are 2 primary steps for the SOFT strategy.

First, you reach out to friends and/or family who share similar aspirations AND together create a 2-8 person tribe to encourage and support each other in routinely living your faith. We are social beings, and our peers are very important to us. When you commit to them – and with them – to take an action within a given time frame, you will be much more likely to follow through. But the tribe isn’t a group for serving. Think of it as your support group. A way to connect socially with others who strive to live their faith as you do.

Second, on a regular basis (in the SOFT app) you commit to yourself and your tribe to Live Your Faith – maybe 2 hours per week… in some way or manner, even with a friend that if makes you more comfortable. most of us start out in group-serving activities – which is great! But as we develop our serving habit, SOFT encourages evolving-to more personal involvement. It’s this one-on-one experience – simply getting to know someone, sharing time with them, and caring for them – that is true discipleship. And that leads to personal relationship with God.

There are hundreds of ways to reach out and help someone. Often times, serving starts with a physical action – like cleaning a room, visiting, or transporting someone. Even a cup of coffee and 15 minutes of conversation can go long ways in caring for someone. The critical element is to just get started.

Also, feel free to go with another person for safety or mentoring purposes. we want you to feel comfortable and be confident in each of your endeavors. The goals is to develop a consistent habit of living your faith.

This strategy is not just for the economically poor either; It is relevant to family members, neighbors, coworkers, and strangers – we all need someone, sometime. Remember… There is no right or wrong way to connect with someone! Only the CARING and LISTENING matter. God will take care of the rest.

For committing, sharing, and accountability SOFT provides a simple phone app for each tribe and its members. Disciples post their “serving” intention in the app, share before and after thoughts with each other, and at times, encourage each other to stay on track. The SOFT app also sends-out handy tips and friendly reminders. After completing a serving deed, a disciple simply updates his/her status in the app. The SOFT app is programmed to reset at 2 week time-frames; at which time tribe members make a new commitment to themselves and their tribe for the next time-frame